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Al-Si Waffle Aluminium-Silicon

It is used for adding silicon element in aluminum alloy melting, with low temperature and accurate composition control.

Al-Si Aluminium-Silicon Performance and application

This product is an aluminum silicon master alloy containing silicon. It is used for adding silicon element in aluminum alloy smelting. The addition temperature is low and the composition is controlled accurately.

Al-Si Aluminium-Silicon Usage

1. Bake and dry before use.

2. Adding temperature: above 700 ℃.

3. The addition amount of this product is determined by calculation and test according to the actual situation.

4. Adding method: remove the scum, put the product into all parts of the molten aluminum, stir evenly after melting, sample and analyze, and pour after the composition is qualified. When the amount is large, it can be melted together with the aluminum ingot.

Al-Si Aluminium-Silicon Packaging and storage

This product is in block or waffle shape, with metallic luster.

Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture.



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