Aluminum refining flux

It is used for purification (refining) treatment of aluminum alloy high-temperature melt. Its basic function is to remove inclusions and hydrogen in the high-temperature melt.

Aluminum Drossing flux

It is used for the separation of slag inclusion and surface scum in aluminum alloy high-temperature melt and the extraction of residual aluminum in molten slag. The basic function is slag aluminum separation.

Aluminum Covering flux

Form a dense protective layer to prevent oxidation, burning and gettering of aluminum and aluminum alloy elements.

Aluminum modifying flux

Optimize and refine the morphology and distribution of eutectic silicon, and improve the mechanical properties.

Aluminum Grain refining flux

It is suitable for refining grain of aluminum and aluminum alloy during melting and casting. 

Other nonferrous metal fluxes

Purification, covering and slag removal of zinc, copper, magnesium and other alloy melts.