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Copper Refining Drossing Flux

This product is used for refining copper alloy, which can effectively remove non-fusible oxide inclusions and gases in molten copper, improve the internal and surface quality of materials, and improve mechanical properties of products.

Used for refining and purifying copper and its alloy melt.

Performance characteristics:

1. This product produces a large number of tiny bubbles in liquid copper, which promotes the gas escape in liquid copper and the slag floating. This product reacts with inclusions such as SiO2 SnO2, Al2O3, ZnO and MnO in liquid copper to produce low melting point compound salt, which is then discharged into scum by the action of surface tension and bubbles

2 This product is used for copper alloy refining, can effectively remove the non-fusible oxide inclusions and gases in copper liquid melting, improve the internal and surface quality of materials, improve the mechanical properties of products

3 This product has no toxic gas and obvious smoke in use, and has no adverse effect on human environment equipment

 Recommended usage:

1 Adding method: Sprinkle CJ1 powder onto the surface of liquid copper, press it into the internal fully stirring with graphite and other tools (except copper), stand for 5~10 minutes slag scraping if degassing is not enough, please use block copper refining agent ZS-CJ0 or inert gas to further degassing

2 Add temperature :1000~1250

3. The amount of this product added: 0.2~1% of the weight of copper to be treated 

 Packaging and storage:

This product is white powder, the inner packing is plastic bag ironed,1kg/ bag, the outer packing is cardboard box,20kg/ box is stored in ventilated dry place, moisture-proof

Shelf life

For one yearIt can be used normally when it is hit into powder when it is wet and agglomerated and dried below 200

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