Removal Fluxes

Natrium Removal Flux

This product has strong ability of degassing and removing the inclusion; After reaction, slag aluminum separation is good and easy to remove.

Performance characteristics:

1, this product is used to remove excess sodium in liquid aluminum.

2, this product has a strong sodium removal function, the best sodium removal capacity: 0.1% sodium removal about 20~50ppm.

3, the product degassing and inclusion ability is strong, can significantly reduce the extent of inclusions and pinholes in castings.

4. After the reaction, the separation of slag and aluminum is good, and the scum is easy to remove.


 Recommended usage:

Zs-az6 slagging agent (sodium free type) should be used to remove a large amount of scum before refining.

1, manual casting method: manual will be required to evenly cast the product to the surface of liquid aluminum, with a mesh plate tool will be pressed into the deep inside of the liquid aluminum, and be stirred so that the powder as far as possible dispersive distribution in the molten pool inside, after the reaction is finished, stand for 10 ~ 15 minutes, slag scraping.

2. Inert gas spraying method: Spray the required product into the melt evenly using the spraying device, stir evenly, stand for 10 ~ 15 minutes, slag scraping.

3 adding temperature: 720 above.

4, the amount of this product added: usually 0.2 ~ 0.6% of the amount of aluminum to be treated or according to the sodium removal requirements determined by the test.


 Packaging and storage:

This product is white powder, the inner packing is plastic bag ironed, 10kg/ bag, the outer packing is carton, 20kg/ box, stored in ventilated dry place, moisture-proof.


 Shelf life

For a year.


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