How much do you know about silicon metal?

What is silicon metal?

Silicon metal is the raw material of aluminum alloy ,organic silicon and polysilicon . The main content of silicon metal is silicon element, which is usually more than 98%.In recent years, smelting technology has been enhanced, and even metals with99.99% content have appeared. In addition to its own silicon content, the trace elements in silicon metal are mainly ferrum, aluminum and calcium, and different grades such as Si-2202,Si-3303,Si-411,Si-421,Si-441 and Si-553 appear according to different proportions.


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The feature of silicon metal:

Silicon, as the most abundant electropositive element in earth's crust, has a hard but relatively inert metalloid with a marked metallic luster and very brittle , in nature, it occurs mainly as oxide and silicates. When the silicon is in solid form, it doesn't react with oxygen, water and most acids.

The application of silicon metal:

Silicon metal is mainly used in metallurgical deoxidation, aluminum alloy, and the production of polysilicon, monocrystaline silicon, etc., and is wildly used in the field of aviation and aerospace, construction, transportation, energy, chemical and textile, food, light industry, medical and agriculture and other fields.

Price of silicon metal:

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Supplier of silicon metal:

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